The History of W.I.N. - Where Healing Meets Opportunity

Women In Need (WIN) is a non-profit organization located in Willowick, Ohio. We are advocates for victims and survivors that have been affected by domestic violence. The organization was formed in 2016 by our founder, Doniella Ligon, a survivor herself, who saw the need for this life-changing program. The mission of this ministry is to go to safe homes and local shelters to provide the necessary tools to empower and improve the quality of life for each woman.

There are statistics that show that one out of four (1 out of 4) women the United States experience violence from an intimate partner. These unhealthy relationships include domestic abuse, sexual assault, verbal and emotional abuse, coercion, and stalking. The WIN organization has formed local partnerships with other organizations that provide education, safe spaces, spiritual and professional counseling for victims of domestic violence.

With a targeted focus on empowering women and girls who have overcome trauma, our programs encompass health, education, economic empowerment, and beyond. Together, let’s build a future where every survivor thrives.

We are committed to empowering women and girls to thrive after trauma; creating resilient communities.

Our mission is to provide hope and help for people that are in transition of their lives.  Meeting some basic needs and empowering them to WIN! The vision of WIN is to provide supportive services for women who are battered, homeless, and who are in transition in their lives. Our primary focus is to provide basic necessities that include personal development training, undergarments, toiletries, and housing.  We believe once the basic needs are met, then these women will begin to transform into productive citizens within their family, workplace, and their community.

Our goal is to reassure and instill in every woman that any kind of abuse;
is never her fault, and that help is readily available to these courageous individuals.

Our Founder: 
Lady Doniella Ligon

 Being raised in a Christian household, there was never a doubt that Lady Ligon would one day play a vital role in ministry. Being led by the Holy Spirit and desiring to help others in a crisis, she has since concentrated her efforts to assisting women in recognizing their God given abilities, by way of spiritual growth through creating a personal and intimate relationship with God. Also instilling in them that they can do all things through Christ; including abandoning a life of destruction and despair through the healing power of the Holy Ghost. 

Speaking from the heart of her own experiences as a mother, wife, sister and friend, she has the unique ability to connect with women from all walks of life. She has accepted the call to help women develop their self-esteem and self-worth.  While seeking God’s Face, Lady Ligon birthed W.I.N. (Women In Need) Ministries to help cultivate her God-Given vision to minister to Women in need, to encourage them and empower them to know their value and worth…

The W.I.N. House

At the heart of our mission at Women in Need Ministries (W.I.N.) lies a vision for the future—a haven we call the ‘WIN House.’ This transformative space is designed to be more than just transitional housing; it’s a sanctuary where women and children affected by violence find refuge and restoration. The WIN House is crafted to meet the fundamental needs of those in transition, offering not just a roof overhead but a supportive environment that empowers them to WIN in every aspect of their lives.

Within the secure walls of the WIN House, we envision a nurturing space where healing begins. A place where survivors receive not only shelter but comprehensive support—physical, emotional, and educational. We prioritize the creation of a warm, inclusive atmosphere that fosters a sense of community, understanding, and shared resilience.

Our commitment goes beyond providing a temporary residence. The WIN House aims to be a stepping stone towards a brighter future, offering resources and programs that focus on education, skills development, and economic empowerment. We believe that by addressing the holistic needs of those in transition, we can break the cycles of violence and set the stage for lasting positive change.

With the WIN House, we aspire to create a model of transitional housing that not only meets immediate needs but also inspires and equips residents to reclaim their lives with confidence and purpose. This vision is an embodiment of our mission—to provide hope and help for people in transition—empowering them not only to overcome adversity but to truly WIN in their journey toward a better tomorrow.

Health & Wellness

Our health and wellness initiatives empower survivors, fostering a community where well-being is the cornerstone of strength and recovery.

Education & Skill Development

Our programs invest in the transformation of survivors into skilled contributors, enriching communities with newfound talents.”

Economic Empowerment

Empowerment begins with financial independence. Our goal is to build economic resilience, providing opportunities for entrepreneurship and career advancement, enabling our survivors to reclaim control of their journey.


Forging connections that uplift and inspire. Our networking opportunities offer a supportive community, ensuring you’re never alone on your journey to recovery and growth.We are creating a community where survivors connect, collaborate, and amplify each other’s strengths, laying the groundwork for a resilient society.


Through grantmaking, we play a vital role in empowering survivors, ensuring that financial barriers never hinder their path to recovery and success. We leverage community partnerships to make a difference in breaking cycles and building resilience.

Domestic Violence Prevention

Our programs are dedicated to breaking the cycle of domestic violence, creating safer communities through education, awareness, and empowerment.

Psychosocial Support

Supporting the heart of recovery. By investing in psychosocial support, we contribute to the emotional well-being of our survivors, creating a community that both understands and uplifts.

Life Skills Training

Empowering through practical skills. Our life skills training programs create a resilient community by providing survivors with the tools to overcome obstacles and build a brighter future.

Survivor Support

We ensure that our survivors understand that they are not alone on this journey. Our survivor support programs offer a community of strength, understanding, and empowerment, ensuring they thrive beyond survival.

Become a Corporate Partner or Donor

Empower change by joining us as a Corporate Partner or Donor—your support fuels our mission, providing hope and resources for those in transition.

Become a Social Media Ambassador

Amplify our message of empowerment as a Social Media Ambassador—share, engage, and be a voice for those who need it most.

Become a Mentor or Advocate

Make a direct impact by becoming a Mentor or Advocate—guide survivors on their journey, champion their rights, and be a beacon of support in their pursuit of a brighter future.